About IPM

Independent Project Managers (IPM) is not a design or construction contractor and has no affiliations with any construction manager, general contractor, trade contractor or union organization. The company was formed to serve the industry as a project management company so that Clients could take advantage of the services being offered exclusively for their benefit, with no conflict being introduced that would favour any particular Contractor or trade.

Our mandate has always been to give fair and equal opportunity to both the union and non-union companies, preferably with local content and always with the interest of our Client being paramount.  As a result, we have been sought after as unbiased problem solvers, organizers and negotiators and are very proud of the results we have achieved.

IPM takes great pride in the ability to offer our clients a full service, multi-business sector organization, with a proven track record.  IPM is dedicated to successfully completing any construction related project.

We provide the end user with a value added product while working within the tight parameters of cost, quality and schedule necessary in today’s business environment.  IPM is an excellent strategic fit for any Client looking to construct a new facility or expand its current operation.

our philosophy

The management and staff of Independent Project Managers are dedicated to providing quality service to our Clients by:

1. Listening and responding to our Client’s ongoing needs effectively and in a timely manner so as to complete all necessary phases of the project within the agreed budget, quality and schedule.

2. Providing skilled and knowledgeable personnel to the project throughout all stages of the project’s life cycle.

3. Committed to continuous improvement, including the monitoring of Client satisfaction, during and at the completion of each project.